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The planning of the Museum Passage began in the 1980s and has been executed in stages. The navigation markers are a project carried out jointly by the Turku Provincial Museum, the Finnish Maritime Administration, Forum Marinum, the Maritime Museum of Finland, Åbo Akademi’s Maritime Historical Institute and the municipality of Nagu (Nauvo). Since spring 2004 the “Föreningen för försvunna skepp och farleder i Nagu” association has been responsible for the implementation of the project.

The project was undertaken by Turunmaan Seutu ry with the support of the EU Leader+ Community Initiative. The project also received funding from Svenska Kulturfonden, Konstsamfundet and from the Martha and Albin Löfgrens Cultural Fund, as well as from private companies and individuals. The project has been carried out mainly by volunteers. The aim is to extend the Museum Passage from Turku all the way to the Åland Islands and to Stockholm.