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Tall tower beacon

This beacon is a timber square that peaks at the top and has a short pole going through the roof. It was built in 1856 on the small barren island of Ingalskär, 1.5 nautical miles north-west of Aspö, to the east of nautical passage from Utö to Lohm. Its walls were red, and it stood 19.4 feet (5.8 metres) tall. This beacon indicated the place where boats had to turn east towards the harbour of Aspö. A similar, 6-metre-tall red tower beacon was built in 1857 on Björköhufvud hill, on the island of Bredskär, in the municipality of Korpo (Korppoo). A small tower-like wooden beacon was built in 1856 on the island of Gråharu, in Utö. It was only 12.6 feet (4 metres) tall and red in colour. At the top of this beacon, standing on its tip, was a square made of logs.

This 9.6-metre log construction was erected in 1882 on the Norr-Grimsöarna islands in Utö. It was vertically boarded and red in colour, and had a horizontal barrel in its mast to warn of dangerous parts of the sea to the north and the south.